An Examination of Curanderismo, a 500 Years Old Medical System

An Evaluation of Curanderismo, a 500 Years Old Medical System

Curanderismo is a 500 year aged medical program born in the Americas, its

inception started when the Spaniards arrived upon this continent and blended their medicine

with that of indigenous peoples from Mexico and the Southwestern USA. 500

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years ago the indigeous persons of the Americas previously had something of healthcare which

was thousands of years aged, the Spaniards likewise had a recognised system which was at

that time one of the very most advanced under western culture.

The Spanish system of remedies utilized the idea of the humors; blood

phlegm, yellow bile and dark bile and the subdivisions of wet and dry and scorching and cold

to classify ailments. This Spanish medicinecombined Judeo-Christian beliefs fused with

the indigenous system. The Indigenous American system based itself on the total amount of the

physical, mental, mental and spiritual personal combined with the natural world. With the

arrival of African slaves, West African drugs was also adapted into curanderismo,

for example West African medication was much like this of the Native Us citizens,

according to Elena Avila in her publication Woman who Glows at night, she says that one


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