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Reversing Entries

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Reversing Entries

Reversing articles is a log entry produced during an accounting period, which would reverse particular entries which were made in the immediately preceding accounting period (Dictionary, (2015). These are actually done at the start of a credit reporting period. Treating entries are being used in order to avoid dual counting of revenue or perhaps expenses. Curing entries usually are used in accrual type modifying entries. The reversing entries have very good aspects and a few bad factors. One of the rewards to reversing entries should be to prevent copying of profits or expenses this would provide a more accurate account. Another advantage would be that the process is not hard and that anyone could do it even if they cannot have virtually any accounting knowledge. The treating entries likewise have bad factors one of these will be causing anybody extra job. Also sometimes you do not have the best information which usually would make the report incorrect. If you are using accrual accounting you will have to make a number of adjustments towards the end of the period. Reversing articles are optional because it is an optional treatment that several accountants use in order to make the record keeping easier. It is just a means to undo an changing entry (Carson, A W. Journal of Accountancy (pre-1986)


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