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Mister. Weatherford

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Notification of Launch

August on the lookout for, 2011.

This can be a pleasure to welcome you to my category in Advanced Placement U. S. History.

This course is offered with the objective of installing you, trainees, for success not only in this area of interest, but in existence " beyond Patriot Substantial. ” Hopefully this course is going to challenge you to " stage outside of yourself” and expand your worldview. In this course, you will be brought to the people, ideas and occasions that have put together to form American your life and culture. Through our studies collectively, I hope to develop in you a more deeply appreciation for the world we all live in as well as the increasingly essential role the usa has come to believe in world affairs.

Global situations (September eleventh, crisis in Darfur, around the world terrorism, Storm Katrina, the war in Iraq, and so forth ) have made it increasingly crystal clear to us how important it is to have an up to date understanding of the immense global power we wield being a nation and how we are identified by the international locations of the world, once and for all or ill. While basic understanding may well not resolve many of the critical issues that currently are up against our global community, it is going to hopefully promote in every single of us a profound perception of our personal responsibility to be aware and receptive in our role as " global residents. ”

Achievement in this training course is totally based on the physical exercise of your own specific free will. While I will make it my own priority to get professionally well prepared, accessible and supportive -- it is THE responsibility to select to set besides daily instances for analyze, review and completion of almost all assigned operate. I will be focused on helping you better strengthen and develop your composing, reading and critical considering skills. It truly is YOUR responsibility to attend frequently, ask questions and participate in class discussions for the best of the ability.

Above all else, it is the regular and steady effort you choose with respect to improve your writing capacity that will generally determine success on the AP U. H. History exam at the end of this course.

My spouse and i genuinely delight in teaching, associated with and reaching high school students. This kind of represents my twenty-third successive year of teaching, and I carry on and eagerly foresee what the brand new academic year holds intended for both of us. It is my desire to discover every student succeed and excel inside my class – but you only can make that happen!

Best of luck and best wishes for a wonderful year,

Daniel D. Weatherford

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Course Description

The AP program in Usa History is made to provide students with the discursive skills and factual understanding necessary to package critically together with the problems and materials in United States history. The program works on students pertaining to intermediate and advanced college courses by causing demands after them equal to those of full-year introductory college programs. Students will need to learn to determine historical supplies – their particular relevance into a given interpretive problem, their very own reliability, and their importance – and to think about the evidence and interpretations presented in famous scholarship. A great AP United states of america History training course should as a result develop the skill sets necessary to arrive at conclusions based on an informed common sense and to present reasons and evidence clearly and persuasively in composition format.


Category: Level Weight:


Quizzes10%** These kinds of grade weights may be improved based upon Homework/Classwork20% instructor discernment. Students will be Projects15% knowledgeable of any such changes.

Category Participation15%


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