Bentex in Bangladesh.

Benetex Industries Limited

Company History:

As a leading Woven / Knit browse y-made clothes facility (a vertical Knit composite), Benetex Industries Ltd. (BIL), a public limited company has built itself up in Bangladesh as a dominant supplier of both knit fabrics and knit and woven apparel. In 1992, the company first started being a private limited company and step by step, in 1997- after several growth and joint ventures, the business established a public limited company. Presently, over almost 8, 000 individuals are working with 250 people a manager positions.

The Board of Directors comes with representation of several household and internationally renowned establishments that have used capital in BIL due to reputation and the most importantly for the potential inside the textile business in the region. BIL's corporate persona is reflected in its recognized multinational staff of investors such as Professional Promotion Development company (co-financed by Earth Development Organization, CDC), German Investment and Development Company (DEG), Abu-Dhabi Fund pertaining to Development (UBICO) & Neighborhood group of Firms. The company provides invested above US$ 20 million since projects cost and US$ 12 mil as working capital.


To provide employers with a faithful, knowledgeable and professional source of evaluation and service of group staff benefits. Furthermore, it is our task to ensure that employees are not only pleased, but really appreciate all their company's health rewards.


Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in UK, The european union & Germany Dominate these markets in high quality Provide production sizes of Polo Shirts, Fundamental tees, Game tees, Printed & Embroidery tees & other Made Garments, equally tops and bottoms. Give production capacities of Trousers & Underside in denims & non-denims.

Problem Identification:

Based Net survey effects and observation I have discovered some challenges within this business. They are-

* Lack of HR knowledge & practice

* Zero work lifestyle balance

2. Low income rate pertaining to labors

5. No ordinaire bargaining

5. No travel service

2. No day care center

Conversations on these points are given below:

* Not enough HR expertise & practice: Every organization's should have a powerful Human resource organizing and its implications. BIL have comparatively better HR policy then the different garments firms operating in Bangladesh, but beat the foreign countries like US or Canada their HOURS policy is very poor.

One example is: In our country especially in the clothes industry continue to fear is recognized as as the principal motivator. Labors are cured as machines or components rather then person. Labors are dominated simply by management. In certain garments they may be treated really lesser after that human beings.

But we all know employees & labors would be the heart of an organization. Any Organizations progress depends or based on their particular hard work. So every business organization should look after their employees concerning its capacity.

But in Bangladesh especially in the clothing sector scenario is completely distinct. Here the contrary thing takes place. In every solitary thing we come across bad practice including HUMAN RESOURCES activities.

In Benetex ltd. HR supervisor is by army background. Even though no one says any kind of tings and everything is well been able you can continue to feel the tension in the air. A lot of the employees here are in fear of him. In 21st century we all don't believe in dominating, all of us don't rely on fear. We the HUMAN RESOURCES people rely on creating such a work state where personnel are happy and satisfied and works at the same time of advancement an organization.

2. No job life harmony: This is one more huge problem for labors and personnel working in this sector. It is very hard so they can maintain equilibrium between operate and personal & family your life.

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