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Overview of China1

Culture and Customs1


Laws and Policies2

Laws and regulations applicable to foreign expense in China2 Policies and Preferences3

Professional Policies3

Local Policies6

Guidelines and measures relevant to the other investment: 7

Tax Policies8

Forms of International Investment14

Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures14

Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Joint Ventures14

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises15

Joint Stock Limited Corporations with Foreign Investment16

Overseas Investment Companies16

Foreign-invested Enterprise Investment Enterprises17

Chinese-Foreign Supportive Exploitation18


Enterprises Registration19

China's settling strategy20

Arrangement on the Early Harvest Program21

Free Transact Agreements21

Current status of bilateral transact in services22

Trade in Services22

Supplementary Agreements22

Introduction to China

Culture and Customs

The first Chinese tradition and persuits formed since ancient times are a normal representation from the Far East's. Frugality, modesty and the as well as community focused value will be reflected simply by most Chinese people's daily behaviour. The Chinese persons, comprising 56 ethnic groupings, are specially and accessible to foreign civilizations as a result of long-term integration of multi-ethnic groupings. In the past hundred years, China features transformed in the agricultural society to the commercial society and to the information society. Its culture and traditions are also changing with the time. Western civilizations are steadily assimilated into the Chinese traditions. The statutory holidays in China are as follows: 1 day holidays include New Year's Day, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Work Day, Dragon Boat Celebration, and Middle-Autumn Festival; three-day holidays incorporate National Day and Spring Festival (in January or perhaps February).


Since the reform and opening, China has become implementing the strategy of rejuvenating the nation through research and education, which places education within a prioritized and strategic placement. The whole region is basically included in nine-year compulsory education. The reform on the Educational Management has made superb breakthrough and higher education offers witnessed constant development. In 2012, the total range of students enrolled in graduate programmes is 590, 000, 1 ) 72 mil were working on the Master's degree, and 486, 1000 accomplished their particular graduate analyze. As many as 6th. 888 mil students were enrolled in undergraduate programmes, twenty three. 913 , 000, 000 were studying at college, and 6. 247 million achieved their college education. several. 61 mil Students were enrolled intended for various second vocational education, 21. 203 million had been studying at institution, and six. 736 million accomplished all their studies. almost eight. 446 million students had been enrolled by high universities, 24. 672 million were studying at high school, and six. 915 , 000, 000 completed their particular high school education. The total quantity of students enrolled in junior midsection school can be 15. 708 million, 47. 631 , 000, 000 were analyze at jr . school and 16. 608 million completed their analyze. Laws and Policies

In order to create a good investment environment and to encourage overseas companies to invest in Chinese suppliers, since lates 1970s the China government has gradually set up a relatively total legal system, and constituted a foreign expense policy system, which primarily includes commercial policies, regional policies, tax policies and financial plans. This survey only lists out the key в‘ Chinese regulations (including international investment-related laws and regulations and regulations) Laws and regulations applicable to international investment in China Key Foreign Expenditure Laws and Regulations

(1) The law with the People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures and its particular implementation restrictions; (2) Legislation of the Peoples' Republic of China about Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Undertakings and its setup Rules; (3) The law with the People's Republic of Cina on...

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