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Mi Angel Clemons

period 2 04/01/13

Compare and Contrast Essay

Both the stories that have been chose to complete my essay on will be " Marigolds" by Eugenia W. Collier, and " Thank You M'am", by Langston Hughes. These types of stories had been choose mainly because they discuss a common theme of " Approaching of Age" as stated inside the Elements of Materials book. In example, in each account the main heroes learns a lesson by a certain experience and become more mature afterwards.

The setting in both tales are similar but they have some dissimilarities. " Thanks a lot M'am" is defined in Harlem, New York by 11 o'clock at night, while" Marigolds" is set in Maryland in 1930 during The Great Depression. Roger, from " Thank You M'am, " says in one reason for the story that he does not have one to care for him at your home, so you realize that all of the character types must be working with something similar to The Great Depression. The two one is placed in a country location while the other within an urban location.

The main heroes, Roger and Lizabeth, also provide similarities and differences. They will both are young and naГЇve and both consumed bothering an old woman. Roger tries to steal Mrs Luella Bates purse and Lizabeth throws rubble at Miss Lottie's marigolds. The old girl are very different from each other. Mrs. Luella Bates is good and sassy while Miss Lottie is definitely broken and quiet. Right after between the main characters happen to be is their very own gender as well as the lesson they will learn.

There are three types of conflicts within a story; man vs do it yourself, and gentleman vs person, Both tales have comparable conflicts, and several different. Intended for the man vs self conflict, Roger must decide if he can trust Mrs. Luella Bates and Lizabeth have to deal with growing away of her innocence and into maturity. Lastly, intended for manvs man Mrs. Luella Bates and Miss Lottie both have a conflict with Roger and Lizabeth disturbing them.

In summary,...

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