International Fund Lecture Notes 1-14

Lecture one particular – Multinational Financial Administration: An Overview

Assessment goals of multinational businesses (MNCs) and conflicts with those desired goals.

Describe the real key theories that justify intercontinental business.

To clarify the common methods used to carry out international organization.

Multinational Corporations

Goal in the MNC – maximize shareholder wealth

Disputes against this goal

Agency challenges – managers act inside their own interest to the detriment of the investors.


Pointless perks

Anxiety about job reduction

Philosophy of foreign managers

Subsidiary versus parent efficiency

Multinational Corporations

Goal in the MNC – (continued)

Clashes against this goal

Agency costs – costs incurred due to an agency issue. Typically bigger for MNCs.

Wealth shed

Monitoring costs

Multinational Organizations

Constraints against shareholder riches – shareholder wealth will be maximized controlled by limiting factors.

Environmental restrictions – each country has a different group of environmental guidelines.

Regulatory limitations – every single country has its set of taxes, currency convertibility rules, and other regulations.

Honest constraints – ethical methods vary around countries.

Intercontinental Business Theories

Comparative Benefits Theory – Country specialization can increase overall creation efficiency.

Not perfect Markets Theory – factors of creation are fige

Product Cycle Theory – firms turn into established inside their home country and expand overseas when a merchandise matures.

Elevating Globalization, the rise with the MNC, and U. S i9000. Dominance


International operate has grown for most countries as 1970s.

The degree of direct overseas investment is rising significantly.

Increasing The positive effect, the rise of the MNC, and U. S. Dominance

Reasons – political, technical, regulatory, and economic forces radically transformed the environment.

Cost-free trade agreements – cutbacks in tariffs and other barriers.

Increasing standardization of products and services.

Moves toward free of charge enterprise and the collapse of communism.

Elevating Globalization, the rise of the MNC, and U. S. Dominance

Factors – (continued)

Privatization of state-owned businesses.

Improved details technologies and communication.

Within the market pertaining to corporate control.

Increasing The positive effect, the go up of the MNC, and U. S. Dominance


Political and Labor Union Problems

Lost jobs

Lower income

Lower environmental and labor standards

Foreign Business Methods

International Control – adding and exporting.

Licensing – allow another firm to manufacture you�re able to send products in substitution for royalties.

Franchising – give specialized strategy and feasible initial expenditure for percent of profit or purchase agreements.

Intercontinental Business Methods

Joint Endeavors – owned or operated by several firms.

Abroad Production – more expenditure and larger returns.


Establish supplementary

International Risk

Exposure to Exchange Rate Motions

Exposure to Overseas Economies

Contact with Political Risk

Lecture 2 – International Financial Market segments

Review a brief history of the exchange rate systems

Examine the advantages and drawback to different exchange rate systems...

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