Notion of School of the East College Students Related to Relationships with Differing Faith based Beliefs


A Thesis Published to the Teachers of College or university of the East Manila University of Artistry and Savoir

In Partially Fulfilment with the Requirements pertaining to the degree of BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY MAJOR IN ACCOUNTANCY


CASTRO, Suzanne G.

Drive, 2012


Title: Belief of the University of the East College Students Related to Relationships Values School: Investigator: Professor: Synopsis: The study titled " Notion of School of the East College Students Associated with Relationships with Differing Faith based Beliefs” was a quantitative research that attempt to collect statistical data via participants to reply to the inquiries. The researcher decided to make use of the quantitative way in order to analyze the data with the aid of statistics. The researcher was hoping the numbers will yield a great unbiased consequence that can be generalized to some population. The investigator chose to accumulate the data via fifty arbitrary respondents by different office of the College or university of the East Manila. The study was required for the College or university of the East Manila. This is conducted inside the second session of the year 2011-2012. The instrument utilized was a study questionnaire. The University with the East, Manila Suzanne G. Castro Prof. Gladys Serafrica with Differing Religious

set of questions, which is a basic data collection tool, was especially prepared for this study in order to make sure the invisiblity of each surveys takers. It was

carefully developed so that it contained questions that provide data required to satisfy the goals of this analyze. The multiple choice questions are easily comprehended and will induce the honesty of the pupil. Whenever possible, the questions had been logically arranged and in a manner that managed the interest of the respondents. The researchers created all the info to classify the perceptions of the selected scholars regarding in interfaith romance. The specialist used questionnaires of the 50 college students because respondents. The researcher discovered that most from the teenagers deemed religious morals when getting into a romantic relationship but then, there exists an instance that they would continue to accept their very own partner regardless if they do not have the same religious values. Because that they believed that whenever in a partnership, acceptance is definitely the other means for the relationship to work. Equally romantic relationship and religion are important on the part of teens. The investigator therefore concluded the objectives of this analyze were accomplished. Religion or religious values were deemed in a romance. Religion or religious philosophy could aid satisfaction in couples.


Researcher's initial thanks must go to the students in University or college of the East, Manila who took part in this research and spent time giving an answer to the customer survey. Your assistance was important for the success of this study. Special thanks head to Prof. Gladys Serafrica and Erika Mariel G. Mayoni for their dedication and determination in supervisory the researcher throughout the research project. Their ongoing awareness and

encouragement in the whole period of the study was crucial to the completion of this thesis. The researcher feels they written for her expansion as a person. Researcher admiration goes to Kay Anne J. Ebora, Diane Christine W. Dizon and Ronald Dominic Babante for kindness of helping the researcher spread the forms. The specialist was very grateful to her parents for love and undying support. And especially, Heavenly Dad, who gives his benefits, strength, determination and guidance to the quest for the study.


This study paper can be wholeheartedly committed to: My family: Mama Papa Jhim Leila and Jazzmyn

My own peer: Happy 7 Close friends and Tropang DC


References: Interfaith Dating People who engage in interfaith relations may face

separating from their church, their family, and a loss of identification (Schwartz, 2000)

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