Portfolio: Purchase and Percent B.

8. В Which one of the next best details a stock portfolio? В A. В Risky security

B. В Security equally as risky as the complete market

C. В New concern of share

D. В Group of resources held by simply an investor

At the. В Investment in a risk-free secureness

15. В Which one of the subsequent is the incline of the reliability market collection? В A. В Risk-free charge

B. В Market risk superior

C. В Beta coefficient

M. В Risk high grade on an individual asset

Electronic. В Market charge of come back

21. В Standard deviation steps _____ risk while beta measures _____ risk. В A. В systematic; unsystematic

N. В unsystematic; methodical

C. В total; unsystematic

Deb. В total; methodical

E. В asset-specific; market

twenty three. В The risk premium to get an individual security is based on what type of the subsequent types of risk? В A. В Total

B. В Surprise

C. В Diversifiable

D. В Systematic

E. В Unsystematic

27. В Candy and More inventory is expected to produce the subsequent returns given the various claims of the economic system. What is the expected return on this inventory? В В В

A. В 7. 89 percent

B. В 8. 56 percent

C. В 9. 43 percent

M. В 9. 85 percent

Elizabeth. В 10. 02 percent

Expected return sama dengan (0. 05 0. 02) + (0. 70 0. 09) + (0. twenty-five 0. 14) = being unfaithful. 90 percent 32. В You own a portfolio that is invested as follows: $11, 600 of stock A, $7, 800 of stock B, $14, 900 of stock C, and $3, 200 of stock D. What is the portfolio weight of inventory C? В A. В 38. 47 percent

B. В 39. 73 percent

C. В 41. 26 percent

D. В 41. 94 percent

E. В 43. 08 percent

WeightC = $14, 900/($11, 600 & $7, 800 + $14, 900 & $3, 200) = 39. 73 percent 34. В You have created the following information concerning your assets. What charge of go back should you be ready to earn with this portfolio? В В В

A. В 9. 54 percent

W. В 9. 83 percent

C. В 10. 01 percent

Deb. В 10. twenty seven percent

Elizabeth. В 10. 49 percent

ValueA = 150 $23 sama dengan $3, 400.00

ValueB = 400 $37 = $14, 800

ValueC = two hundred $42 = $8, four hundred

ValueD sama dengan 350 $16 = $5, 600

ValuePort = $3, 450 + $14, 800 + $8, 400 & $5, six hundred = $32, 250

Anticipated return = [($3, 450/$32, 250) 0. 128] + [($14, 800/$32, 250) 0. 036] + [($8, 400/$32, 250) 0. 098] & [($5, 600/$32, 250)...

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