Avoir 5 Electrical power Analysis in Information Solutions Sector

IT which consisted of software program, hardware and service/consulting solutions is a challenging sector that serves most sectors. Today,  everyone confirms that the greatest power is information. There's been no period of entry to information is more helpful. So , rather than accessing the knowledge, managing and using the information determines the amount of prosperity of countries and their competitive force. Informatics is the principle that is used for all the information servces that can be connected by computer systems. " Information" examined those activities of companies in the sector consists of this: * Hardware Vendors

5. Software Distributors

* Schooling and consulting vendors

* Technical assistance - project planning companies

Unlike a physical product; it is not necessarily possible to measure THIS sector's input to our lives as ease of use/transport or how often we all use the product. The modern lines of organization are dependent on computer to further improve the efficiency and increase the quality of service wanted to customers. With out IT part, it is not feasible to carry out daily transactions. There are several reasons for technology being integrated into business life: * Rapidness

* Production – Efficency

* Capacity to make several job

5. Cost Benefits

* Internet-generated new business versions


In Turkey, " e-transformation Poultry Project" introduced in 2003. Success indications which are targeted by e-transformation project to gain access to to information society will be; * Total factor output growth

* High end and / or the availability of high useful products and export products share in total GSHM 2. Investments in details and communication technologies * Investment inside the share invested in R & D,

* Information and communication technology-related educational level * The utilization rates info and communication Technologies

Cultural and cultural contributions are defined in the IT sector's added beliefs. In 2002, total general public investment in IT investments are dollar 158. almost eight million whilst in june 2006 this reveal was U. S. $ 386. your five million. Within a survey because of it sector, THIS sector this year target to serve govt, telecom, financial, manufacturing and energy areas. In the same survey, more than 300 businesses which is among the top 500 IT companies in Turkey were grown this season too. A growing number of companies with more than 50 percent is 64, a growing number of companies with more than 100 percent is 20, a growing number of companies using more than 200 percent is four and a growing number of companies with more than 300 percent is 2 (Interpro 2011). According to the results of the same research THAT market last year decreased by 12. 6th per cent in dollar terms was money 24. 6th billion. There is a strong modification in the sector in recent years. Although falling demand and success, they keep the same shares and institutional structures will be altered. Since June 2009, aspects that participants judged as most negative and problematic are 83% of the purchasing power of customers, profitability with the company with 67%, With a 61% reduction in sales of the company came to the conscience. 2010 symptoms are analyzed, especially the development exhibited inside the hardware sector, software and information solutions, demonstrating the rise in the IT sector exhibited a rise by 6th. 5% usually. In Turkey, IT sector is examined by keeping from the communication sector were $ 7. a few billion in volume. However , approximately 80 percent of this industry comes from equipment, 8 ​​percent comes from software program licenses. The service sector which adds benefit to this sector is 12% of the total.

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