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3. two million

(4. 05% in the Philippine population)

Regions with significant foule


(Leyte, Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Samar, Biliran, some regions of Masbate, The southern part of Leyte, Surigao del Norte and Sorsogon, Metro Manila) Languages

Waray-Waray (mother tongue), Cebuano (second language), English, Spanish Religion

Roman Catholic

Related ethnic groups


The Waray are an ethno-liguistic group of people geographically inhabiting in the islands of Samar, Leyte and Biliran - frequently referred to as the Eastern Visayas region in the Philippines. The Waray, speak their indigenous language named Waray-Waray. Waray people live in in the whole isle of Samar and they are known as SamareГ±os while in the island of Leyte they are called LeyteГ±os. In Leyte island, Waray people inhabit only in the northern part of the island as it is divided with a mountain range in the middle of the island. Hence, the language division between the Waray-Waray speaking people in the northern component and the Cebuano speaking people in the the southern part of part. Inside the island of Biliran, Waray-Waray speaking persons lives on the eastern portion of the island facing the island of Samar. They may be commonly called in Waray-Waray term as Biliranon. In the island of Ticao which in turn belongs to the region of Masbate in the Bicol region, Waray-Waray speaking persons live in the majority of parts of the island. They are generally referred to as Ticaonon. However , the Ticaonon have their affinity with all the Bicolano speaking people of Masbate isle as it is their home province. Bicol and Waray-Waray languages include a lot of similarities in vocabularies as compared with Cebuano vocabulary. Contents

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The Waray people make up the majority of the people in the pays of Far eastern Samar, North Samar, (Western) Samar when they type a significant populace in Leyte and Sorsogon. History

The Warays are descendants from the Austronesian-speaking migrants who arrived at the Israel during the Iron Age. In 1521, the Warays had been the initial Filipinos being sighted by simply Europeans beneath the leadership of Ferdinand Magellan. The Warays were one of the primary Filipinos converted to Christianity. Paradoxically, they are also among the list of last Philippine ethnicities to keep traditional pagan practices alongside their practice of Both roman Catholicism. From the Spanish Colonization onwards, they've been considered the under dog of Philippine ethnicity. The ancient Waray tribal people of Samar, Leyte, and Pintuyan Area were professionals of the sea. Many of whom became pirates who bombarded and raided coastal towns of current day Bohol, Bool, Cebu, the Luzon coasts and Mindanao. They applied a form of indentured servitude to those who that they captured in their raids and compelled them in agricultural captivity even in forming positions of their conflict parties. The ancient Waray tribal people hold identical semblance to the Vikings of Northern The european union. Religion

The Waray folks are one of the most spiritual people in the Philippines. Most of them belong to Both roman Catholicism, while others have been converted to various Christian denominations/groups, and still a small percentage of the population practice other faith (sometimes along with Catholicism) including Buddhism for a few Chinese descendants in the place. Their spiritual devotion is incredibly evident in their celebrations like feasts adoring their patron saints, the " Father christmas Cruzan" and many other. Language

The Waray people speak the Waray-Waray...

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