Water Testing

 Essay on Water Testing


* To educate students in what devices they should employ for testing of normal water sample. 2. To expose the scholars the proper way to measure the drinking water. * To achieve the students experience with sampling of water sample. Introduction

Air pollution can be defined as a harm to the surroundings which can cause a lot of negative consequences to human overall health, living methods and environmental. Thus, pollutants can be gain from a large number of sources and will take various forms. The pollutants can contaminate land, water or air. To be able to identify types of pollutants and the degree of pollution, the first step that has to be taken is the collection of a representative sample. Sampling tactics varies depends upon what type of sample. Water testing is important in order to detect the pollution of organisms, hydrocarbon, metals or perhaps others contaminants in normal water. Sampling of most wastewaters and contaminated normal water is difficult due to their remarkably variable mother nature. To obtain an accurate assessment, trials have to be taken over a period of time period, over several sections of the water way and at different depths. Materials

* Water sampler

* you L testing bottle

* Horiba water sampler

2. Secchi dish


1 . Sampling fish pond is divide into five area which is site one particular, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 2 . One site is only assigned to each group.

several. Water sampler and secchi disk can be use to gauge the water. 5. Familiarize the sampling instruments are advised to every group. your five. The function of both instruments and the differences are discuss.



End result



| 1| 2| 3| 4| five

pH| six. 3| 10. 2| 7. 5| 7. 1| several. 4

Turb| 4°| 5°| 5°| 6°| 4°

DO| 4| a few. 0| installment payments on your 5| several. 2| three or more. 1

Temp| 30°c| 28°c| 30°c| 29°c| 28°c

Clarity| 0. 2009 m| zero. 1 m| 0. 07 m| 0. 05 m| 0. 06 m

Salinity| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0


| Horiba Water Sampler| Secchi Hard drive

Function| Used to measure and indicate the monitoring consequence...

References: http://www.kenelec.com.au/products/id/991/cid/333/parent/0/t/products/title/Horiba%20U52%20Multi-function%20Water%20Meter


Subject matter: Environmental Biotechnology (BBD 2234)

Lab Record 1: Sampling of Normal water Sample

Lecturer: Professor Nasir

Name | Matric No . | Sign

Mohammad Syawal Rubbish bin Mohammad Collin | 3111025361 |

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