Community History Last Exam 2013

1 ) Both Christians & Muslims share what belief in God

One god allgewaltig

2 . Buddhist religious sculptures found in Chinese suppliers are samples of what? Cultural Diffusion

a few. The Code of Hammurabi illustrates the laws of Babylonian society were affected by lex talionis and what? Cultural Class framework – cultural inequalities

4. What of the following contributed to the fall of both the western Both roman and the Ryan? Invasion by simply barbarian & borderland tribes (Huns, Visigoths, Vandals) a few. Graph

6th. Describe the major effects of the Bantu migrations?

Diffusion of iron metallurgy across Sub Africa, & Bantus vocabulary & reduce & burn off agriculture 7. Inca and Aztec communities were identical politically how

Both broadened empires using the military

almost eight. What economic change or perhaps explanation justifies the claim the late 1400s mark the start of a new period in world background? Age of Exploration – – America incorporated into Global Trade Network 9. Precisely what is an economic likeness among Euro colonial autorite in the Unites states in the period 1450–1750? Africa slaves, forced labor American Indians

15. What Western european development is quite closely linked to the revolution in Haiti? The French Revolution

10. Define Social Darwinism- battle

White Europeans superior – Japanese yellow people likewise superior – will not give way to the different - deal with 12. " We shall not repeat yesteryear. We shall eradicate it by simply restoring each of our rights inside the Suez Channel. This funds is mine. The canal is the home of Egypt. ” This quote presents what politics philosophy expressed in the post-colonial world? Nationalism

13. The majority of early cultures before six-hundred B. C. E. distributed what qualities? Cities, technology, metallurgy, composing systems, developing population 18. Before five-hundred C. Electronic. Judaism and Hinduism were similar how

Ethical rules of execute, written scripture

15. Among 200 W. C. Elizabeth. and 200 C. E., the Cotton Roads facilitated commodity control between which of the a couple of empires? Ryan Chinese & Romans

of sixteen. The development and spread of Christianity and Buddhism before 600 C. E. experienced what Common characteristics? Derives from one more religion, pass on through control routes, both established monasteries for both equally men & women 18. Reading – tolerance

18. Indian Sea Trade Systems encouraged the expansion of what between six hundred CE & 1450 CE? Trade systems increased regarding cities (trade centers)

nineteen. Before 1450 C. Electronic. what is the case of sub-Saharan Africa's industrial economy – what was traded with to whom? Sub Africa exported platinum to – Europeans & Middle East

20. What consequences from the Columbian Exchange most afflicted Amerindians inside the sixteenth 100 years? Diseases brought on PANDEMICS

21 years old. The Mughal Empire plus the Ottoman Empire before 1700 C. Electronic. shared what characteristics? Diverse – religiously & ethnically

22. In the period 1450–1750, what produced on significant plantations simply by slave labor, were significant commodities inside the growing universe market? Glucose, Tobacco, coffee – cash crops

twenty-three. Reading

24. An important cause of China's quick population embrace the 17th and eighteenth centuries was what New crops

twenty-five. What was a widespread interpersonal consequence of industrialization inside the 1800s? Make a new sociable class of workers who also are wage-earners –urban areas 26. Just how did nineteenth-century European industrialization affect European women's lives? Marriage grow older women work & residence & house work - superwomen

twenty-seven. After the Second World War, countries around the world did which usually of the next to restore the global economy? Universe bank & other fresh financial institutions -- globally

twenty eight. Nationalist leaders in The african continent and Asia, such as Ho Chi Minh (1890–1969), Jomo Kenyatta (1894–1978), and Kwame Nkrumah (1909–1972), had what in common? Struggled COLONIAL REGULATION – independence- self-determination

29. By the end in the 20th hundred years - just how did the earth change due to technological adjustments? Have global economy; The web connected the World

30. What makes myths helpful to historians?

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